What a lovely Christmas it was with just family. Ever since the girls went to Kodaikanal at a very young age I always made it special for them. They were never home for the ‘Hindu’ festivals so instead of Janmashtmi (the birth of Krishna at midnight) it was the birth of Jesus that we celebrated and continue to do so.

Uttara my super creative younger one has always enjoyed doing the tree, the gifts and is like sunshine in our home. We have been really lucky to have at least one of our daughters with us this time of the year (always helps to have a slave in the kitchen if not two!) So I’m going to start with the most divine fresh strawberry cake with cream cheese icing that she made.

I believe that a family that eats together stays together. It’s another matter that one ends up cooking for the army by the time everyone’s favourite dishes have been made. But the end result is always worth it.

The table

This garlic was a BIG hit. 

From when Uttara was very little this showroom window always was a must visit and the tradition has been passed on to my niece Midori. Doing  a family walk-about to see the lights, churches and festivities in the neighbourhood was delightful.

Midori with her fractured arm and baby Jesus

The Family at the Mother Mary statue

Year endings are not my favourite but then there’s the New Year to look forward to and new beginnings.

Happy New Year and stay safe!